About PodShow

As the premier social media community, PodShow is the only network providing single-click access to the best in new media in audio, video, podcasts, and music to be delivered to your computer, iPod, mobile device, or television.

Bridging the gap between social networks and mainstream media, PodShow combines four unique networks in one:


  • Over 1 million hours of episodic entertainment.


  • Top video shows in multiple categories.
  • Top single clip videos from across the web.


  • Leading site for discovery of new and legendary artists and free use licensing.


  • Connect with other people and their media; build an entourage of friends.

On PodShow you can...

Play the web's top videos.

Collect the hottest new series and get them anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Share your favorite channels with your entourage of friends.

Create the next big thing by uploading your own killer content.

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